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You may search for entries in MvirDB either using a free-text search against database fields containing descriptive information, or using a structured query based on data categories. You may perform either query alone, or combine them with "and" (intersection) or "or" (union). A structured query may consist of 1-6 sub-queries, each of which can be combined with "and" or "or". Please note that "or" sub-queries are computed first, followed by "and" sub-queries. Typically a structured query would include one or two "and" sub-queries at most, applied to high-level data categories (e.g., source database, category). Within a given selection list, all selected items are combined with "or".


Multiple search terms in the free text search are combined in an AND fashion and ORDER MATTERS. Combination of the free-text search and the detailed search is permissable.

For example, "yersinia" in the text box will search all designated fields for string "yersinia".
However "yersinia pestis" will search all fields for the presence of "yersinia" and "pestis" combined, in order.

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