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Knowledge of toxins, virulence factors, and antibiotic resistance genes is essential for bio-defense applications aimed at identifying “functional” signatures for characterizing emerging or engineered pathogens. Whereas genetic signatures identify a pathogen, functional signatures identify what a pathogen is capable of. To facilitate rapid identification of sequences and characterization of genes for signature discovery, we have collected all publicly available, organized sequences representing known toxins, virulence factors, and antibiotic resistance genes in one convenient database, which we believe will be of use to the general bio-defense research community.

MvirDB currently integrates DNA and protein sequence information from Tox-Prot, -->SCORPION, the PRINTS database of virulence factors, VFDB, TVFac, Islander, ARGO, CONUS, KNOTTIN, a subset of VIDA and sequences derived by means of -->literature searches. Entries in MvirDB are hyperlinked back to their original sources. A blast tool allows the user to blast against all DNA or protein sequences in MvirDB, and a browser tool allows the user to search the database to retrieve virulence factor descriptions, sequences, and classifications, and to download sequences of interest. MvirDB has an automated weekly update mechanism.
How to use MvirDB

1. MvirDB can be searched using the virulence browser tool. Once a selection has been made, the user can navigate through MvirDB and can download sequences of interest.

2. A blast tool allows the user to blast a sequence of interest against MvirDB to pull up related entries.

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